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Educator Highlights

  • A group of 3 teachers and one student participated in the local, regional and country wide Iron Science Competition and won all three levels.

  • Working with students who to build and launch high altitude balloons to space and record video, pictures and scientific data

  • My class being selected for a visit from two astornauts from Canada: Jeremy Hansen & Chris Hadfield

  • Our team of teachers were awarded Prime Ministers Award for Teaching Excellence and Space Teachers Award

  • Class project of solar powered arduino run irrigation system in our greenhouse.  This won us a Samsung solve for tomorrow technology award

  • Developing and implementing a flexible timetable allowing students to take all classes in house and run the school of grade 7-12 of 75 students and 9 teachers

Myself as an educator

  • By being a passionate learner myself. I want my love of learning and my love of science and math to be contagious

  • By being a dreamer and encouraging others to dream; I seek not to destroy the dreams of others because of life's disappointments.

  • By approaching the subject matter as a mutual exploration and learning experience, modeling openness to different ideas, to new behaviors. 

  • By facilitating a process in which the learning experience taps the resources of the group. As an educator, I recognize that I am not the sole resource, but every participant is a resource to the learning community. 

  • By involving individuals in the learning process so that they leave the classroom with heightened curiosity and with increased ability to carry on their own learning. The goal is not to simply know a large number of facts, but rather to grow in knowledge and the wise use of such knowledge. It is less important for participants to know the answer to questions that I perceive are important than that they know how to ask the important questions and find the answers for themselves.

  • By utilizing examinations as a learning tool, to give participants feedback on their achievement and direction for further study. 

  • By recognizing the uniqueness of students, you must create learning experiences appropriate to all different styles of learning.

I am a math science teacher with over twenty years of experience in Manitoba and BC.  Over my 20 plus years of teaching, I have been acting admin and temporary vice principal several times.  I also spent 7 years as the Science department head.  My professional history includes teaching math, science, computer technology chemistry, biology, physics and forensics for grades 7 to 12. As a female math, science teacher, I feel that my desire and love of sciences has been shared with my students. It has also shown many girls that it is cool to take science and excel.


Over the years, my responsibilities as a general science and math teacher have allowed me a variety of classes to teach including forensics and robotics. Along with teaching a full load, I have been in charge of several extracurricular activities such as the fashion show and our golf team. I was also one of the coordinators of Shaftesbury High Altitude Robotics Project. This is a student run program that launches and tracks and retrieves high altitude balloons. This program has been very successful and was the catalyst behind the Prime Ministers Award for Teaching Excellence and the Manitoba Teaching Excellence Award.

Outside of work I am an avid scratch golfer and technology geek.  I enjoy programming and flying rc planes and copters.

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