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Flexible Structures to support Curriculum Changes

As we are finishing semester one of our new school program, I am looking back at the good, the bad and the wow moments so far at Pender. We have eliminated bells, changed the timetable to a five period day, teaching STEM and Humanities, and teach our rock show for two periods a week and students work on class content for two more periods a week in seminar. So now how is it going.

The good:

Students are able to take more classes with less conflict. They don't have to miss out on a class if they wish to take it.

Students feel more comfortable to take a high level class because they know they can get time in seminar with peers or teachers to work through it all.

Students are becoming more independent learners and are starting to manage time better.

The bad (or could we say less desirable items):

Students are not always on task and can distract others.

Students have too much seminar time because the choose to not take extra classes


Room of students from all grades helping each other. A grade 11 student tutoring 5 grade 10s in chemistry.

Students able to take classes at various grade levels. Two grade 9 students doing grade 11 sc tech class or grade 10 student doing sc 10 and chem 11 at the same time.

Teachers helping students in all classes not just their specialty area. We are all life long learners and we can help students to solve problems.

Learning more about our students. Who they are, what they like or aspire to be and how we can help them achieve this. Our talent show on the last day before break was amazing to help us see our students talents. Choir, robotics club and alternative energy group are starting soon.....

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