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How do we acknowledge everyone? That is the question I have been thinking for several weeks, months, and probably years. It is always at the forefront of my thinking in the classroom. How can we make sure everyone is getting the acknowledgement they need or desire? Most students are not open to telling us what they need or require to feel positive about something or to feel that they are doing good, great, amazing or what. Formative assessment is our way to acknowledge the learning and growth of individuals but is it enough.

Some students are very vocal in their needs and desires to be called upon or acknowledge in their thinking, while others are very quiet. How as educators can we make sure everyone has their internal cup filled. In my classroom, I am always giving feedback and acknowledging what is said. We live by the motto that everyone sees it different and we can learn from every perspective. I also try to see what student’s interests or successes are outside of the classroom and acknowledge those. But do we do enough.

As I think about these questions, I think in terms of family, is it ever enough acknowledgement given. I know it bothers me personally if my cooking isn't acknowledged or appreciated as I think it should be. I chat with my husband and he sees it different. He feels he acknowledges it every time he eats because he enjoys every bit. He doesn't feel he should speak about it all the time. We are on opposite views about it but we figure out a middle ground.

As always it makes me think bigger and how we can find a way to help fill that cup of our students so that they always feel acknowledged. I love twitter because it shows me different ways people acknowledge students. I love many of these ideas.

Mark French‏ @PrincipalFrench

This kindergartner is a reader! Claire was reading sight words to me when I visited her class. Her Dad was happy to receive today's #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay! #GatewoodGators

Tracy Cramer‏ @tracyacramer 4 Oct 2017

Best. Day. Of the week! #lunchwithalittle more people need to do this! #sd23learns #sd23

But then I wonder, am I doing enough for my colleagues. I appreciate them and collaborate but do we acknowledge each other’s accomplishments. Are we getting our cups full? I know through my twitter PLN; I am amazed how much we acknowledge each other but do we do it on a day to day for our schools. And what about the ones who may be out there and ready to answer, but need the cup filled. I always try to connect with the quiet ones but I can forget about those that are the louder more open ones. We must remember that everyone needs to have that internal cup filled sometimes. So, let's all get out there and do our best.

My goal for the remainder of the year is to try to acknowledge everyone's successes no matter how big or small they may be. I want to be the promoter for everyone. We are all an amazing product and we need to promote everyone.

Gregory Hockley‏ @MrHockley Sep 29

Felt lucky to have 30 minutes working w/ @RosePillay1 on a design to “help her shine.” (This bright light needs little help in this area in my personal opinion.) That being said, an app designer could make a lot of $$$ following through on the “Rose App” prototype #designcampbc

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