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My word of the year for 2019

To embrace something is to welcome it with open arms, hold, hug, accept completely. As changes come this year, I must remember to embrace everything that comes my way.

As an educator for 20 + years, I have seen many successes and failures. I have reacted to most in my famous introvert way... "Ah sucks, I didn't really do anything great"

Now I am seeing that I must come out of that introvert life style and begin to embrace everything equally.

I am learning to embrace my age and know the changes in life that come with it. I am no longer the 20 year old teacher jock. I am the elder statesmen and that has helped me acquire some wisdom and I am now wishing to share it with others. I am embracing the chances given to me within the sporting fields and loving the time spent sharing.

I am now leaping into the unknown and I must adjust and embrace all that it offers me. Change is inevitable and I am venturing forth with the mindset of embracing whatever comes next. This year, I will continue my consulting with schools in Qatar & China. I will push myself and present at several seminars and maybe an ignite or two. I feel I need to share my classroom techniques and my belief.

I believe all students can enjoy learning and realize that every course can and should be theirs. I want fun to be in every class so students do not rush to grad really early because of boredom.

As a secondary STEAM educator, I want every student to take my courses, not just the ones heading into that field in the future. I believe interest should decide your courses not what you need for future schooling. We must embrace learning and not just use it as a means to an end.

This year, will have many ups and downs but I will work through them and try to welcome and accept them. No more hiding in the background of my story. It is time for me to come out from the shadows and embrace life.

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