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Break ends

So, it is the last day before break and I have anxiety. I am living the worrier pose. Why? I have been doing this for years and still I have performance anxiety about teaching. This seems crazy to have this feeling and thoughts...

Do I really have a plan?

What if I don't get up?

What if I forgot how to deal with my classes?

What if my lessons bomb?

How am I going to reconnect?

It is an overwhelming feeling. I would rather not go back at times. It really hits me hard. I have the tools to prepare and be organized and to deal with my stressors but still it is difficult. I think this is the introvert in me controlling my brain. Feeding it fears and amplifying my nervousness. It is a tough thing to go back the first day... But wait I am an adult with all the tools in place to deal with this. What about our students?

I find change in routine is the hardest thing for many of my students and breaks are a big change.

How are we preparing them to come back and are we making it an easy transition

back or a tough one?

Did we give homework that adds stress for the return?

Did we front load our classes of what to expect the first day back?

Do we have a welcome back routine?

Now I teach at a high school, so there is added stress for my students on the first day back in January. They have terms ending, exams in some classes, applications for universities and scholarships due and just being a teen. Are we really seeing the whole picture of our students and the stress or anxiety they have today?

Now I don't have the answers as my career is still a work in progress but I do know this feeling today really made me think about my students today. It has made me rethink the first day back and how we can all do a bit of our coping strategies. I think we may need to get outside and breathe....

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