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Well here it is January 1, 2020 and I am blogging about my #oneword2020. OVERCOME. Now why would I pick a word like that for 2020 when 2019 was the year I overcame major health issues.

By definition:

overcome means to succeed in dealing with (a problem or difficulty).

Yes I have overcome many things in my life. This last year was a big change with many new things to overcome. I needed to overcome the fact that I was not a priority in my own life. Self care was not in my vocabulary for many years. I was a great advocate of it for others and promoting taking time for my student teachers. I was even the understanding teacher when my students needed to take time off or go for a nature walk (school roamimg). But I was not applying that to myself. I needed to stop being a talker and be a doing and self advocate.

This has lead me to connect more with my life and overcome the mad dash I was in. By taking time for me, i was able to overcome the mayham in my head and find my core learnings to follow. I was able to share my experiences with others and this has led to many workshops, presentations and even job offers. So far my retirement from teaching has gone well. I am getting the hang of it and even enjoying my educational journey more.

So then why pick overcome as my word this year. Well this quote I came across months ago really stuck with me.

So my goal this year is to overcome that inner voice in my mind. I need to wipe out the impostor syndrome voice. I will do my best this year to overcome any self doubt I have and try to acknowledge that I can add to the education world in my way. Yes I am loving the work I am doing now with schools here in BC, Canada and Qatar and yes I am making the change in my small ways. I just need to keep my mind in the positive.

So I will overcome and continue my new journey and appreciate all that comes with it and all that disappears because of it. I aim to enjoy life more and share my knowledge and be happy..

And remember that strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't once do.

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